Why I Built This App

May 14, 2012

  1. I built it for myself.
  2. There are so many great productivity tools for the iPhone and iPad, I thought there might be one that would help me with my struggling prayer life. My tendency is to repeat the same things every day. I hoped the Lord was getting more out of it than me but I wasn’t sure. Reading books on prayer was motivating me toward prayer but they weren’t much help with the actual practice of it. I searched the App Store for something that might help but didn’t find much. Then a popular Christian blogger recommended one that he was using so I got it from the App Store and began using it every day. Although, the creator may not have intended it to be used this way, I started storing Scripture passages about prayer, worship, and other topics along with my prayer requests. Using the App this way really invigorated my prayer life.

    It wasn’t long after I began using it that I started making a list of features and options that weren’t included. After a couple of months, I got in touch with the creator and, although he thought I had some great ideas, he told me that he had too many other things going in his life and my suggestions simply weren’t going to happen. A couple of weeks later, I started designing a prayer app that incorporated my list and a whole lot more. I started doing that because I wanted it for myself.

  3. I built it to share with others.
  4. It didn’t take me too long to figure out that the things I wanted to do might benefit other people as well. My goal ever since then has been to make an app that was both powerful enough to make it worth using and simple enough that it could be understood by most people. Add to that the fact that I couldn’t justify the time and expense unless it benefited other people as well as myself.

  5. I built it for the glory of God.
  6. I have a heartfelt desire to glorify God in everything I do and I believe that prayer is one of the major ways to do that. Yet, it has been said, “If you want to humble a man, ask him about his prayer life.” I’m afraid that is all too true for me and so, if I can do anything to help myself have a more meaningful prayer life, I want to do that. Now that Prayer Prompter is available, I think it can be a useful tool in the hands of many people to glorify God through helping them to have a consistent and meaningful prayer life.

PS: My hope is that many people will not only purchase Prayer Prompter but use it regularly. I have made a commitment that I will not profit from it personally. Details on that are coming in a future post.

PPS: Prayer Prompter is currently available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad (compatibility mode). iPad and Android versions are coming soon.

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