Entry Rotation and Rotation Priority

If you have ever tried putting Scripture passages or prayer requests on 3″x 5″ filing cards, you know how difficult it can be to manage them from day to day and week to week. Prayer Prompter solves this problem by rotating Scripture passages and prayer requests automatically so that your time of meditation and prayer is fresh and new each day. The racetrack below illustrates how it works.

global_mix_default@2x For example, imagine that the “Adoration (Worship)” folder has 60 Scripture entries. Initially, they are all set to the average speed. If you were to view one entry each day, it would take 60 days to see them all and then they would start over. If you were to view two entries each day, you would be able to view all of them in 30 days instead of 60.

But you might want to view and meditate on some of them more frequently than the others. You can do that by changing their “rotation priority.”

Rotation Priority is calculated for each entry based on the number of days since it was last viewed times the rotation speed. All the entries in a folder are initially set to travel at the same (“average”) speed around the track.

Rotation Priority Order: The rotation priority (number of days since last viewed times the rotation speed) for each entry in a folder is compared to the other entries in that folder each day when you open Prayer Prompter. Then they are arranged so that you can view them in highest to lowest priority order.

To change the rotation speed, tap the pencil icon to open Entry Settings.

Initially all entries are set to a rotation speed of “Average.”

You can increase the rotation speed from “Average” to 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x or “Daily.”

global_mix_default@2x If you changed the speed of a particular entry you viewed today from average to 2x, it would return twice as soon. Using our previous example, if you viewed one entry each day, the one you changed to 2x would be back in 30 days instead of the 60 days it takes for the others. If you viewed two entries each day, the one you changed to 2x would be back in 15 days instead of the 30 days it takes for the others.