App Store Review

February 17, 2020

Part of my daily power habits ★★★★★
by Psalmpen – Feb 12, 2020
I recommend this app to everyone I meet who expresses their desire to pray. I cannot believe the capabilities within this! It is incredible what it can do. To pray through the Scriptures daily on pertinent topics and to be able to accommodate it to my own particular needs is so powerful. The app keeps me on point, reminds my failing memory, lets me know how long it has been since I have prayed for each and every request. This is a must-have app for sure!!

App Store Review

January 29, 2020

Creative/Useful/Inspirational ★★★★★
by Merdty – Jan 28, 2020
Finally an intercession prayer app that is more than just “a list”. The scriptures and meditation portion of this are done so well, and with the timer, and mix, etc. it is really produced by someone who understands and appreciates what prayer is all about. I appreciate that the prayer is divided up into different sections. Lots here. Great job.

“Quiet, Careful, Focused Reflection on Scripture”

December 19, 2019

“…nothing is more vital or more beneficial for understanding the truth and growing in sanctification than quiet, careful, focused reflection on the words and the meaning of Scripture. That’s what the word meditation means in the Bible.” John MacArthur

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The Bible and my prayer app

September 20, 2019

The Bible and my prayer app ★★★★★ by Gloria al Padre – Sep 19, 2019 I have been using this app for at least 4 years, though I believe longer than that. I can go through the various entries and see how I have grown spiritually since then, and most importantly, how God Almighty has […]

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Best prayer app!

September 7, 2019

Best prayer app! ★★★★★ by Badger55 – Sep 6, 2019 I love this prayer app because it: -Helps me organize & remember many prayer requests -Includes Scripture verses sorted by topic to keep me in the Word as I pray -Is easy to navigate & I can pop it open and use it as a […]

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“The best Christian Prayer app for iOS”

August 27, 2019

The best Christian Prayer app for iOS ★★★★★ by Stefanos Gatdoulos – Aug 26, 2019 I’ve tried all the prayer apps for Protestant Reformed Christians. Prayer Prompter has been my favorite one since 2013. It is so simple and so inviting to use, and it gets regular updates. Thank you, Developer, for the recent update […]

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