Prayer Prompter is like a two drawer file cabinet. The top drawer stores and organizes Scripture passages in folders by topic. It comes with 650+ passages from the New American Standard Bible already installed and more can be added. You can change the passages to another version if you want and even delete the passages you don’t like. πŸ˜‰ The bottom drawer stores and organizes prayer requests and answers to prayer in folders.

Prayer Prompter has been designed to enrich your prayer time by providing an easy way to read and reflect on key passages of Scripture and return to them on a regular basis. The first few folders in the top drawer are organized according to the popular ACTS method of prayer. The letters, A-C-T-S, stand for Adoration or Worship and Praise, Confession which includes Repentance and Forgiveness, Thanksgiving or the expression of Gratitude to God, and Supplication which means Petition, Intercession or Requests.

These four things are important elements of a balanced prayer life and the order of the letters is intentional. We ought to begin prayer with worship of God just as Jesus did when He taught the disciples how to pray and, even though God encourages us to bring our needs and wants to Him, we should first acknowledge Him for who He is (Adoration) and what He has done (Thanksgiving) and who we are and what we have done (Confession) before we get to our “needs and wants.” It is worth noting that those things are reserved for the second half of the Lord’s Prayer.

I don’t know about you but, when I go to God in prayer, my mind is β€œprone to wander.” Prayer Prompter helps me to be faithful in prayer while keeping my attention focused on God and His Word rather than myself.

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