What’s What in Prayer Prompter Version 2.3?

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★ Updated Prayer Prompter’s Dropbox Backup and Restore feature to use the new Dropbox Application Programming Interface (API) version 2 instead of version 1. Dropbox says “The Dropbox API v2 is a set of HTTP endpoints that help your app integrate with Dropbox. We’ll be turning off API v1 on 6/28/2017.

“BORING!” We know, we know! It’s boring news for many people but it’s a big deal for Prayer Prompter users who depend on Dropbox Backup and Restore to preserve their personal content from loss…

    • when using Prayer Prompter on more than one device and moving their latest changes on one of those devices to the other one,
    • after buying a new iPhone or iPad and needing to migrate their content from the old one,
    • in case of damage or loss of their device for some reason,
    • and when whatever else that isn’t supposed to happen, happens.

★ Dropped support for iOS 8. Less than 5% of Prayer Prompter users are running iOS 8 and the work involved in supporting older versions is significant. Prayer Prompter users must be running iOS 9 or 10 in order to get this update and be able to continue using Dropbox Backup and Restore. What to do!.

What’s Next?
  • A choice of Bible versions: KJV, NASB, NIV, NKJV, ESV, NLT.
What we’re thinking about!
  • A search feature for folder titles and entry titles.
  • Prayer Prompter in Spanish
  • Prayer Prompter for Android