From Conception to Completion

April 17, 2012

I started working on Prayer Prompter five months ago after using a few other prayer apps. One of them, the PrayerMate app by Andy Geers, had some really great features that helped me improve the consistency and organization of my prayer life. But as time went by, I thought of a number of additional features that I would like to have and decided to make my own prayer app so I could get them. That sounds simple but it turned out to be a mighty big job. I have spent over a thousand hours working on the initial design and development. The cost of hiring a programmer is several thousand times more than if I had been able to find what I wanted in the App Store.

Two weeks ago, the beta version was released to a group of testers and we plan to submit Prayer Prompter to the App Store for approval by the end of the month.

Here’s an image of my idea from last fall when I began the project and a screen shot of the Prayer Prompter beta version running on my iPad. Woohoo, we’re finally in the home stretch!



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