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November 17, 2014

The Prayer Prompter “team” consists of 1) the genius iOS programmer who has been with me since the beginning but is now too busy with his day job to work much on Prayer Prompter, 2) another genius programmer who is retiring from his day job but is still learning iOS in his spare time, and 3) me, a non-programmer who had an idea for a prayer app three years ago this month. Lord willing, the second programmer will be taking over from the first one sometime next year and we can get rolling on a large number of new features and functionality many of which have been on the list for a very long time.

Together, we are working on the next version of Prayer Prompter (2.2) which should be ready for release before the end of the year. It fixes some things that are broken, simplifies some things that may be confusing, adds a date stamp that a lot of users have requested and revises the appearance of some things that needed improving.

The biggest single change is for new users (only) who will get all of the Scripture passages in a modern English translation rather than the KJV. The Lockman Foundation who publishes the New American Standard Bible has graciously granted me a license to use their translation without requiring a royalty payment. (I still hope to offer a way to switch from one translation to another via an In-App purchase but that goal has been pushed into the future during the transition from the old programmer to the new one.)

Meanwhile, great reviews keep coming in, such as this one.

Lovely! ★★★★★ by Yhazmyn – Version – 2.1.2 – Nov 12, 2014
The best part of this app, is that now I can pray according to the written word of God! I store the bible verses per topic, and when I’m praying, I can look for the relevant bible verses, and speak God’s word on the matter! Thank you so much! God bless your team!

If you’re interested, all of the latest reviews can be found here.

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