Stop Praying “In Jesus’ Name, Amen”?

April 24, 2013

Daniel Henderson offers some fresh insight into the common practice of adding “In Jesus Name” to the end our our prayers. Here’s an excerpt from his weekly “E-Devotional”.

Have you ever been in a gathering of Christians when someone offered a heartfelt prayer but concluded by simply saying, “Amen”? I have. Sometimes, there’s been a noticeable gasp of astonishment because this apparently sincere, but possibly misguided, believer did not conclude with the standard three-word phrase, “In Jesus’ name.”

Another Look at Jesus’ Ideas

Consider with me two interesting questions:

Is this three-word traditional prayer conclusion really what our Lord had in mind when He told His disciples to ask and pray “in My name”?

If this was not His intention, what do we need to understand and practice in order to comply with this important aspect of prayer?

You can read the rest of this “E-Devotional” at his website, “Strategic Renewal” by clicking here.

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