The Priority of Prayer – Don’t let it wait!

May 19, 2014

Pray Now or LaterEach morning, I have a choice to make about prayer. Will I spend time with God in prayer today? I know from experience that if I don’t pray before anything else, it won’t get done. This morning, an entry from the “Preparation” folder of Prayer Prompter was displayed which reminded me that prayer postponed can easily and quickly become prayer not done.

It is a good thing to let prayer be the first business of the morning and the last at night. Guard yourself carefully against those false, deluding ideas which tell you, ‘Wait a little while. I will pray in an hour; first I must attend to this or that.’ Such thoughts get you away from prayer into other affairs which so hold your attention and involve you that nothing comes of prayer for that day.” A Simple Way to Pray (1535) – Martin Luther

I can either send God a message that communion with Him is my highest priority or that it’s not as important as my personal comfort. Either way, a message gets sent. It’s my choice!

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