Prayer Prompter has been designed to enrich your prayer time by providing an easy way to read and reflect on key passages of Scripture and return to them on a regular basis. The first few folders in the top drawer are organized according to the popular ACTS method of prayer. The letters, A-C-T-S, stand for Adoration or Worship and Praise, Confession which includes Repentance and Forgiveness, Thanksgiving or the expression of Gratitude to God, and Supplication which means Petition, Intercession or Requests.

A-C-T-S - Priority

R. C. Sproul has written, “I think [A.C.T.S] is a helpful acrostic for remembering both the elements and the priorities of prayer. Unfortunately, we often spell our prayer life something like S.C.A.T., because we start with supplication and spend very little time, if any, on adoration, confession, and thanksgiving.”

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2.2.1 Business Card-Philosophy

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App Store Reviews
Version 2.8.0

Great Tool To Help With Focus ★★★★★
by Trock3 – Jan 23, 2022
This App is easy to use and really helps me to stay focused with an open heart to the Holy Spirit. It has been a struggle for me to have some consistency in my prayer life. This app is very helpful. Thank you.

At my fingertips ★★★★★
by Momof3grads – Jan 4, 2022
Love that I have reminders and great to have this at my fingertips- I needed help in my prayer life. Thank you!

Great App! ★★★★★
by 1620Steve – Dec 9, 2021
The app revolutionized my prayer life! I’ve been using it more than 5 years, and my prayer life has grown exponentially. And I can faithfully pray for those who request me to, as well as for others, like those who serve is in all levels of government. I can ask friends and family for their requests and then follow up later to check in on how their request is being answered. It’s a great way to expand your friendship base by remembering to pray for people and taking the opportunity to check in with them. I highly recommend this app!

So helpful ★★★★★
by Sbluas – Oct 21, 2021
This app has helped me focus during my prayer time so that I am focused on praying God’s Word more than praying my own words. I love the feature ‘Answered Prayers’ since it allows me to look back on God’s faithfulness.

More robust prayer app than any on the market ★★★★★
by BillFlintstone – Jun 12, 2021
FREE … only supported by OUR donations. My thanks to the developers for providing and updating this great spiritual tool.

Needs to sync ★★★
by #RTB – May 29, 2021
Needs the ability to sync with other devices on iCloud (I don’t use Dropbox). Otherwise, it’s pretty user friendly and simple. It does everything the description says it will do.
———-Developer’s Response———-
The complexity of features that Prayer Prompter provides makes the programming time to develop automatic iCloud syncing between devices extremely difficult to predict. The cost could run as high as $20,000. We suggest you use our manual Dropbox Backup and Restore feature which is free and works flawlessly.

Superlative❣️ ★★★★★
by Mr Barry Greco – May 10, 2021

Version 2.7.0

Excellent prayer tool ★★★★★
by Dianeevonne – Apr 11, 2021
I just realized that I have been using this app for years and never written a review. It has been my mainstay to remain on target, to add people and requests. And it’s always with me. What a blessing!

Prayer review ★★★★★
by MysteriousShopper – Apr 6, 2021
Love this and have over a number of years. Am so very sad that I can no longer use it as I’m now on Androids – all my data cannot be transferred so it’s terribly disappointing as I’ve personalized much of this.

Prayer, Self-Discipline ★★★★★
DaughterinOz – Apr 2, 2021
Prayer prompter has been a blessing. I have never considered myself a great prayer or intercession. Prayer Prompter provides a platform, a framework reminder for self-discipline. It is wonderful.

Excellent App ★★★★★
by MBRB – Mar 12, 2021
I love this app. It helps me to remember prayer requests. It is also helpful for when I want to pray scripture. It has been a Godsend.

Get this! Awesome app! ★★★★★
by Arwen Evenstar – Feb 18, 2021
This app helped me organize my prayers, keep them in one place (yes – including those “I’ll pray for you” types, and be accountable to my prayer practice. When I am anxious about anything at all, I log it in the appropriate folder. Then I set aside a few minutes a day to go through the prayer list I have accumulated and bring my concerns to God. It makes me feel good and at peace just knowing I’m praying about these issues. Most are personal, some are prayers other people asked me to pray for, and some are social/political issues of the day that bother me. I believe that when God touches my heart regarding an issue and gives me a burden for it, it’s my duty & privilege to take the battle on in prayer. This app also tracks how often I pray, how long I pray, and how many hours total I used the app as a device/ guide to pray. I only keep a log of my prayer points as a guide. And then I pray about them as the Spirit leads. I log the answered prayers, too, so that I can see God’s responses. What are you waiting for? Get it

Way To Go! ★★★★★
by j_-LoWe – Jan 16, 2021
Just what the Doctor ordered.

Version 2.6.0

Life changing app ★★★★★
by o2sing4him – September 27, 2020
This app has transformed my prayer life. I love that I can add my own prayers and subjects and change the (Bible) version if I want to. This has truly changed how I pray. I know that I am praying God’s will because I am praying God’s Word back to him. I have been using if for 9 months and I can SEE how God is moving. Thank you for this app!!

Very configurable and useful ★★★★
by HipNeck – May 17, 2020
I downloaded this app at the suggestion of a popular Christian blogger. It has completely changed my prayer habits for the better. I love that I can add things I want to pray for (in addition to the scripture passages that it comes with) add details as time goes on, and adjust the frequency that the prompts appear. The night mode is also a great feature. A very well built and thought through app.

Part of my daily power habits ★★★★★
by Psalmpen – Feb 12, 2020
I recommend this app to everyone I meet who expresses their desire to pray. I cannot believe the capabilities within this! It is incredible what it can do. To pray through the Scriptures daily on pertinent topics and to be able to accommodate it to my own particular needs is so powerful. The app keeps me on point, reminds my failing memory, lets me know how long it has been since I have prayed for each and every request. This is a must have app for sure!!

Creative/Useful/Inspirational ★★★★★
by Merdty – Jan 28, 2020
Finally an intercession prayer app that is more than just “a list”. The scriptures and meditation portion of this are done so well, and with the timer, and mix, etc. it is really produced by someone who understands and appreciates what prayer is all about. I appreciate that the prayer is divided up into different sections. Lots here. Great job.

The Best! Thank you! ★★★★★
by Thankinghimdaily – Dec 10, 2019
This is one of my favorite apps. I love the way it’s laid out & all the rich Scripture, biblical content and quotes that are preloaded. Also, being able to customize the folders and add personal prayers & meditations is great. All around, a well thought out and very helpful tool for Christian growth. Thank you 100% to the developers, you did an amazing job! I dare say you will get a “well done”!

Inspiring! ★★★★★
by sdneely – Nov 28, 2019
Prayer Prompter will inspire your prayer life to new heights. Sometime, despite the prompter, I move away from the app. When I return I always wonder why I strayed.

LOVE LOVE this App!❤️❤️ ★★★★★
by Steps11 – Nov 4, 2019
1. When I tell people I will pray for them, this app helps me to remember if I add them to my prayer list folder!!!
2. Using this prayer app helps me to stay focused on PRAYING through my priorities, especially during the busyness and “to do” lists that beckon to me as soon as I open my eyes each morning!!!
3. I never have to scribble out or start a new page so it will be neater… I never lose my prayer journal or misplace it… because NOW it’s on my phone!!❤️
4. There are passages of scripture that I can read based on the topic! This is fantastic for days when I feel like I need a nugget of the word from a specific concept.
5. A big plus is that there is a section to journal! So I can open up that journal and actually use text to type and speak and record my journal entries much faster than if I were handwriting them. They back up to my dropbox so I always have them and then when I’m ready I can print them and bind them if I want a paper copy.
6. I love how simplified it is to use file folders.
BLESSINGS on the heart and vision of those making this available! Incredible tool!

The Bible and my prayer app ★★★★★
by Gloria al Padre – Sep 19, 2019
I have been using this app for at least 4 years, though I believe longer than that.
I can go through the various entries and see how I have grown spiritually since then, and most importantly, how God Almighty has blessed my family through the years!
Although sometimes I fall off the wagon, I’ve pretty much used this app on a daily basis. The daily reminder keeps me on track. I don’t think I’ll ever delete from my phone!
Thank you for creating it!

Best prayer app! ★★★★★
by Badger55 – Sep 6, 2019
I love this prayer app because it:
-Helps me organize & remember many prayer requests
-Includes Scripture verses sorted by topic to keep me in the Word as I pray
-Is easy to navigate & I can pop it open and use it as a prayer guide anytime, anywhere

Kcfehr ★★★★★
by Kcfehr – Aug 29, 2019
I love this app and use it every day. It is so complete, there are ways to keep up with every prayer request and so many topics with related scripture.

The best Christian Prayer app for iOS ★★★★★
by Stefanos Gatdoulos – Aug 26, 2019
I’ve tried all the prayer apps for Protestant Reformed Christians. Prayer Prompter has been my favorite one since 2013. It is so simple and so inviting to use; and it gets regular updates. Thank you, Developer, for the recent update on Aug 23, 2019. The app looks and works great on my iPhone X and syncs great on my iPad. Soli Deo Gloria!

W Doo ★★★★★
by W B Doo – Aug 24, 2019
I use this app every morning for part of my praise and worship time. I’m amazed at how the verses that appear here every morning seem to me. The file for all the power requests helps me to stay focused and to lift everyone up in prayer.

Version 2.5.3

My Prayer Memory ★★★★★
by beenprayin – Jul 23, 2019
I have been using this app for more than 3 years. Prior to this, I catalogued scripture for specific purposes. This app does that.
I have learned to date my prayer requests so that I can keep up with time sensitive prayers. It is exciting also to see the dates of answered prayer.
I have a sponsored child from Compassion and the dating also allows me to keep up with my correspondence and current prayer needs.

A big reason I switched to iPhone from Android ★★★★★
by 4TheGlory0fHisName – Jul 5, 2019
Literally no other app like it!!! Thanks, developers!!! May the Lord bless you for blessing us with this awesome tool! A word to anyone looking into a prayer tool. Congrats! You’ve found the best one! Now go study how it works and use it! I have no excuse now to not be a faithful prayer warrior!

Awesome app ★★★★★
by tlynnintx – May 13, 2019
This app has really revived my prayer time. It keeps me on track, reminds me of things to pray and helps me focus on God’s attributes. Thank you!

Superlative ★★★★★
by Mr Barry Greco – Mar 2, 2019
Thankful for all your time and all your efforts regarding our shared interest in HIS Love.

Prayer review ★★★★★
by MysteriousShopper – Feb 15, 2019
Love this and continue to use after a number of years – hurry up with the Android version please!

Outstanding. ★★★★★
by Mrs. Seeberg – Feb 5, 2019
Please check out this app and give it a try. It is much easier to navigate than I thought at first glance. It is actually exceptionally user-friendly because of the hundreds of lovely passages of scripture organized by topic, to inspire meditation and prayer. Encourages every facet of prayer, not only petition. Much thought and love appear to have gone into it. Try it for yourself!

Thankful for this app. ★★★★★
by Annie Skywalker – Nov 15, 2018
My prayer list goes where I go and I don’t have a hard time finding my prayer list. Love the scriptures on this app. Has improved my prayer time.

A BIG Sword ★★★★★
by SuperfanMarkDA – Oct 26, 2018
I’ve attempted to use Prayer Prompter a couple of different times during the last couple of years but gave up because it seemed overwhelming. (I don’t read big books because they take too long to get to the point)
I’m trying again and enjoying/appreciating the powerful flexibility of this app. It’s learning curve takes a little longer but you will end up with a “BIG SWORD” instead of butter knife.
MANY THANKS to the developers!

This app is indispensable ★★★★★
by Awashbu12 – May 27, 2018
Thank you to whomever created and maintains this app. I use it daily in my prayers and it allows me to pray through scripture constantly, which takes my prayers deeper and brings me closer to the Throne of Grace then I ever thought possible. The dedication the developer put in to this app to find and categorize so many verses and quotes into various topics and sections amazes me. Thank you so much again for this app. I pray that you will never quit keeping it updated and working with IOS.

Well done ★★★★
by gmfphil – May 26, 2018
This app is very good, very helpful and done very well. The developer has done a great service for Christians. Thank you.

great ★★★★★
by Kbguesskb – May 11, 2018
been using this for nearly 3 years. great app. amazing way to keep track. EASY to change bible verses to version you’d like. give it a try

Well Done! ★★★★★
by Jim Szz – Mar 26, 2018
Overall, this app has been very useful for YEARS: it’s the first app I open in the morning. The quality of my prayer time has improved using this app! I like the ability to add/personalize the prayer topics. Like all apps, it could be improved AND that is why I was pleased to see more free Bible versions AND an Android app for my phone in the future. The “FREE” price is great & they never harass you for donations. One thing that can NOT be improved is the app Support; the support is to the point so questions are resolved quickly. They also listen to suggestions. This app is really very well done! Jim S

Great app! ★★★★★
by Alonich90 – Mar 13, 2018
I don’t go without this app into my “prayer closet”. I have all my daily prayer requests in here, all the Bible verses that I need as I pray with them, and I can add my own as needed. It’s a very simple app, nothing fancy… but what do you need a fancy prayer app for? You have the verses you have the ability to add your own folders by topic, what else do you need 👌🏻👍🏻. Go fellowship with God. 🙏🏻

Improvements needed ★★
by Jerry kool – Feb 14, 2018
I’m not very happy with this app because I can’t change the Bible version that I enjoy. According to the HELP section, I must highlight the verse in preferred version in YouVersion first, then switch to Prayer Prompter and change the version. I’ll have to do this for every single verse I want to study. In addition, I tried contacting Prayer Prompter directly within their app and after writing about my Bible version frustrations, I was instructed to fill in the Captcha thing. I tried 11 different times and each time it failed to recognize the letters & numerals I typed! WOW, that’s just not right. I absolutely love YouVersion and will continue with them. I’m going to add Scripture Typer as well

Developer’s Response

We are sorry about the problem you had with our contact form. It has been replaced with a different one that should allow you to contact us without any difficulty. We have been to planning to offer a variety of Bible versions in addition to the NASB; KJV, NKJV, ESV NIV, CSB and NLT. Contracts have been in place with the publishers for the last several years but a shortage of time and money has prevented us from implementing this feature thus far. In spite of the many five star reviews our app has received from satisfied users, it appears that your two star review is negatively impacting the number of new people who download Prayer Prompter each day. We hope you will consider this and perhaps revise your rating and review.

by KinikCO – Jan 25, 2018
Thank you again for the precious living gift you have shared through Prayer Prompt.

Wow. It’s what I have always wanted an app to do ★★★★★
by SteveAllen – Jan 23, 2018
In the morning, throughout the day, and in the evening. A guide to pray, meditate and memorize scripture. So helpful. So easy. So thankful.

by TR1014 – Jan 7, 2018
Great app; works just like I want. Looking forward to lots of updates.

Terrific prayer app! ★★★★★
by NotafanofiPhone6 – Jul 27, 2017
Love that you pray from Scripture and can track how often you’ve prayed each verse. Highly recommend.

The Ultimate Prayer App! ★★★★★
by 16violets – Jul 24, 2017
It is simply amazing. Brilliant!

Try it! ★★★★★
by 456strugglebus – Jul 14, 2017
I just downloaded the app this week. I have been struggling to improve my prayer life and I am finding this app SO helpful.

Praying Scripture ★★★★★
by Cjtomes – Jul 2, 2017
I needed a means of focusing my prayer life. One can’t go wrong with an app that provides scripture as a basis for daily prayer. Categories are editable; options are limitless. Everything from prayer lists to a prayer journal, daily reminders and lots and lots of related scriptures are all included. Great app!

Terrific Prayer App! ★★★★★
by dlb1834 – Jun 19, 2017
I have tried MANY different prayer apps. I have been using Prayer Prompter consistently since 2012. Not only is it flexible enough to fit everyone’s needs regardless as to their religion, it is constantly updated and improved – they really address the wants and needs of their customers. GREAT job!

Very Configurable ★★★★
by Former Reaganite – Jun 18, 2017
You can replace items in the drawers with your own but existing items are a good starting point. Has optional features like stats and dropbox that will never get used here. Would like to be able to rename drawers. Notification is very helpful. Has no-frills interface. You can get in and get out.

Vital app for redeeming the time ★★★★★
by – Jun 18, 2017
Many people who think they know me regard me as a person of prayer. I know myself well enough to know that just as the high priest of the tabernacle had a prayer reminder on his chest, I need something close to my heart to remind me to pray. In fact, I’ve found that my use of this app is a pretty good gauge of my spiritual life and zeal in witness from week to week. Without prayer, we grow weak. Strengthen yourself i… more

Well Done! ★★★★★
by Jim Szz – Jun 18, 2017
Overall, this app has been very useful for YEARS: it’s the first app I open in the morning. The quality of my prayer time has improved using this app! I like the ability to add/personalize the prayer topics. Like all apps, it could be improved AND that is why I was pleased to see more free Bible versions AND an Android app for my phone in the future. One thing that can NOT be improved is the app Support; the support… more

I use this personally and in class! ★★★★★
by no turning back! – Jun 16, 2017
As a teacher in a private Christian school, I have loved projecting Prayer Prompter and leading my students through a time of prayer using Bible verses related to praise, worship, confession, petition, and intercession. I also teach Spanish so I am beyond excited over plans to offer this app in Spanish in the near future!

Very worthwhile ★★★★★
by cec8910 – Jun 15, 2017
Useful in many ways

Version 2.5.2

Definitely Recommend! ★★★★★
by cgp1947 (USA) May 17, 2017
Not only can the app be personalized for my preferences but is solidly biblical in its approach to prayer. Recommended as the best prayer app for iPhone & iPad users!! Review update: With each revision & correction this app improves. Using the Scriptures contained in each category, prayer flows naturally upward. Ease of use makes this app the best prayer app in the App Store!! 5 stars times 5 is not enough to say thank you to the creators & developers of the app. Instead of giving us prayers to pray the emphasis is providing the Biblical foundation from which prayer flows unprompted. Recommended!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Estupenda app (Great app) ★★★★★
by marego62 (Spain) Apr 22, 2017
Sumamente útil para planificar tu tiempo de oración. Aunque no esta en español. Puedes reemplazar y ampliar todo en tu propia lengua
(Extremely useful for planning your prayer time. Although not in Spanish. You can replace and expand everything in your own language.)

Wonderful User-Friendly App ★★★★★
by Fryerfam1 (USA) April 12, 2017
A great tool in preparation for our personal testimony. I have been looking for simplified way to find scripture. Sharing with my Sisters in Christ✝️💞

Has revitalized my prayer life! ★★★★★
by geeglenn (USA) Apr 11, 2017
I just discovered this app last week and already my prayer life has improved dramatically! I had been using the same format in prayer for years and was getting bored with it. This helps you to meditate on scripture first with different scriptures each day, and then it gives you different things to pray for each day. Very helpful for me!

Top notch app and support ★★★★★
by M&M’s in MeMe (USA) Apr 11, 2017
If you’re looking for the best app to improve your prayer life, look no further. You can’t beat this app. It is flexible and very easy to use, and you can keep track of your prayers, prayer requests, and all your answered prayers. The scriptures they’ve included are so inspiring. The developers are working on a new “search feature” among other things…and I can hardly wait. It keeps getting better and better. God bless them!

Best ever! ★★★★★
by Kim Davenport (USA) Apr 10, 2017
I have tried several apps to help me with my prayer life. To organize it. Do you enjoy communing with the Lord, interceding on the behalf of yourself and others? This will help you to remember details! I love it! Thanks for the best app ever!

I use this app every day! ★★★★★
by Skip223 (USA) Apr 10, 2017
This is a fantastic app. It is so helpful in my prayer life. Well organized and thought out. Kudos to the developers.

A Great App to Organize Your Prayer Life ★★★★★
by Ed Hup (Germany) Apr 9, 2017
This app is great for organizing your prayer life. It allows you to add prayer requests in groups. It comes also with a large list of motivational scriptures, which encourage meditation and prayer. All in all a very helpful app!

Prompter ★★★★★
by DHE51 (USA) Apr 9, 2017
I have tried a number of prayer apps, but it always seemed a struggle to fit my way of praying with their methodology. Not so with this app. The look and feel is excellent. There is great flexibility in organizing your prayer lists. It is enlightening to be able to see when and what you prayed for others. I especially like the ability to sync my iPhone and iPad using Dropbox. It works so easily. At home, I use my iPad… more

Good reminders ★★★★★
by Sm’iles (USA) Apr 9, 2017
I find prayer prompter invaluable in improving my prayer life. I am more consistent and more complete in my prayers.

A Truly Inspired Prayer App! ★★★★★
by 16violets (USA) Apr 9, 2017
If I could design a prayer app, it would be just like this one:) I love it and it has been a great blessing to me. Thank you!

Great App for Youth Group ★★★★★
by Mickey867 (Canada) Apr 9, 2017
Today’s youth often struggle in their talks with Jesus. This app is a great starting place for teaching them how to begin their meditations!!!!

For prayers ★★★★
by Sherbuniki (UK) Apr 9, 2017
Yeah. It works well as prompt for prayer. Happy to recommend.

Great App for Consistent Prayer and Scripture Reading ★★★★★
by TChris90 (USA) Apr 8, 2017
Love this app! It’s a great app for preparation for prayer and for praying using scripture. Many times I’ll use it for devotional purposes as well. So many appropriate scriptures and you can edit the verses using the version you prefer. Trust me – you will use this app to become more consistent in your walk with Christ!

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