Version 1.3 in the App Store!

October 30, 2012

I’m pleased to announce that Prayer Prompter is now compatible with the new iPhone 5 and iOS 6. It contains a number of features that I can’t wait for you to use and enjoy.

1) There’s a Status bar at the top of all screens when in “portrait” orientation. Now, you can keep track of the time and the state of your battery without leaving Prayer Prompter.

2) The total time that you’re using Prayer Prompter is now displayed on the History screen. It’s always more than the time you spend viewing entries. The difference between the two is the time spent adding folders and entries, organizing them and changing settings. I do a lot of that kind of thing every day and you can see it in my recent history.

3) The organization of the Share screen have been simplified to make it less confusing and easier to use. Have you shared an entry with someone you know and/or someone you praying for?

4) The Dropbox backup and restore functions have been significantly approved. You can move from one iOS device to another seamlessly and all or your content and settings are preserved perfectly.

5) Finally, there’s a bunch of “User Interface” improvements, bug fixes and Help scree updates. They are too numerous and too boring to mention in detail but all of them have been done to make your experience enjoyable and maybe even delightful.

More than that, we (my programmer and I) will be wrapping up version 1.4 is the next few days. He has tracked down and squashed a couple of obscure bugs that you may not have encountered but I have. They’re important because one of the big features of Prayer Prompter might not always work as expected. I haven’t said much about this feature yet but I am going to, as soon as I know that it works reliably all of the time. Next, how about choosing your own font size? You can in 1.4. The current font size will be the default but you can go smaller or larger. I can’t imagine why anybody would want to use the smaller font but we included it just to balance out the larger one that I need. And Dropbox backup and restore is going to get even better. You are using it, aren’t you? And how about an optional “All Entries” folder button that let’s you rotate through all of your content and get to view things you have stored away in some obscure folder that doesn’t get visited very often, maybe never? I see some interesting uses for this feature and I willing to pay to get it so I can make it available to you for free. How’s that for a deal? All of this and more is coming soon in what we fondly refer to as version 1.4!

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