Prayer Prompter 2.0 (a “Universal App”) is here!

June 13, 2013

Universal App - Free2“A universal app is a single app that is optimized for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad devices.” Source: Apple iOS App Programming Guide

“When you run the universal application on a small-screened device, you’ll see the iPhone version and when you run the app on your iPad, you’ll see the larger, iPad-only version. And these won’t just be blown up, oversized iPhone apps either – they’ll be custom designed apps made specifically for the iPad.” Source:

The Prayer Prompter dashboard as it looks on two “small-screened” devices, the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5.


Prayer Prompter 2.0 has a custom designed user interface made especially for the iPad. It is not just a scaled up iPhone interface.

New Features (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch)

  • Visual Settings: Adjust font size, brightness, margins, backgrounds and more while viewing an entry screen.

(Tap or click on an image to enlarge it and then
use the “<<" and ">>” arrows to view the others.
Tap or click on the image you are viewing to exit.)

  • Entry screen:
    • Option to edit entry details by double tapping in the location where you want to edit the text.
    • Option to tap “Entries Prayed” (iPad) or “Prayed” (iPhone/iPod Touch) to record that you prayed an entry. (Previously, tapping “Last Prayed” was the only option available.)
  • Global Settings:
    • Option to display an “All Entries” folder button on the dashboard (top drawer and/or bottom drawer).
    • Option to “Reset Daily Cache”.
  • Timers:
    • “Total Time” replaces “Prayed Today” and “Time Today” on the dashboard.
    • “Total Time” (dashboard) and “Entry Time” (iPad entry screen) or “Time” (iPhone/iPod Touch entry screen) now update automatically every tenth of a minute.

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