iPhone App Store Review: “GREAT!”

May 28, 2012

A few days ago, “Goodmorning Bill” posted this review in the iPhone App Store:

Great tool, sensibly designed (four stars out of five)
by Goodmorning Bill – Version 1.0 – May 21, 2012

I chose this app after looking through ALL the other prayer journal apps for iPhone. Unlike many other, this app sets up prayer as a dialog/response to God’s word. It allows you to keep try of prayers by categories and names, and emphasizes praying as an ongoing journey and process instead of, life so many I have found, placing an order and getting it filled. For a version 1.0, this app is GREAT! Glad I bought it.

He also emailed me to ask a few questions. It turns out that “Goodmorning Bill” is a Christian broadcaster and church staff member. Here is part of what he wrote.

Just getting to know this app. Chose it over all other journal apps for these reasons:

  1. Love the 2-drawer approach, with prayer set up as a response to God.
  2. Love that all categories, Scriptures, etc. are editable and customizable.
  3. Love the pre-loaded categories.
  4. Love the simplicity of use and interface on the iPhone.

That last one was a great encouragement since, along with the power and versatility that was built into Prayer Prompter, we were shooting for simplicity of use.

FYI, a dedicated iPad interface will be added soon that will make Prayer Prompter a “universal” iOS app.

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