iPhone App Store Review – “Fantastic Prayer App”

July 2, 2012

Fantastic Prayer App – by far, the best I’ve found!! by Tboyum

I’ve tried many prayer and Christian discipline development applications and used none of them until using Prayer Prompter. By including [the] “God Speaks To Us” [section], it fosters listening to God, not just babbling. Following the classic ACTS model based on the design structure of the Lord’s Prayer helps bring the prayer warrior into the correct orientation with God.

This prepares us for [the] “Speaking To God” [section] and the structure of the content there helps organize our prayers into logical roles of life. All of this let’s us pray in a way that love’s God and our neighbor as ourself. Its easy to capture our request and those of others to remember to pray.

You can share your prayers with others to let them know your praying or to invite them to pray. Additionally, it is simple to track the amount of time spent praying or the number of prayers prayed helping you develop a habit of prayer.

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