Entry Rotation and Rotation Priority

global_mix_default@2xEntry Rotation is Prayer Prompter’s “secret sauce.” Its purpose is to keep your prayer time fresh and new each day. If you have ever tried putting prayer requests or Scripture passages on 3″x 5″ filing cards, you know how difficult it can be to manage them. Prayer Prompter helps by displaying entries based on their “rotation priority” each day.

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Rotation Priority is calculated for each entry based on the number of days since it was last displayed times the rotation speed. To change the rotation speed, tap the pencil icon to open Entry Settings.

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Most of the the entries in a folder are set to travel at the same or “average” speed around the track. But you can speed up an entry so it comes back sooner than the others or slow it down. “2x” will double an entry speed around the track so it will be back twice as soon as the ones that are set to Average.

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Here is an example to help understand how this works. If the “Adoration (Worship)” folder has 60 entries and all of them are set to the average speed, the time it takes for an entry that is displayed today to come back again depends on how many entries you view from this folder each day. If you view one entry each day, an entry set to the average speed will take 60 days to return. If you view two entries each day, it will take 30 days. If you change the speed for that entry to 2x, it will return twice as soon (half the number of days) in both cases.

Rotation Priority Order: The rotation priority (number of days since last viewed x the rotation speed) for each entry in a folder is compared to the other entries in that folder. Then they are arranged for display that day in highest to lowest order.