A Simple Acrostic for Prayer: A.C.T.S.

February 10, 2014

R.C. Sproul’s blog post today discusses the A-C-T-S method of prayer.

“Christians often use a simple acrostic as a guide to prayer: A.C.T.S. Each of the letters in this acrostic stands for one of the key elements of prayer:

(A) Adoration

(C) Confession

(T) Thanksgiving

(S) Supplication

But not only does this acrostic remind us of the elements of prayer, it shows us the priority we ought to give to each.”

He includes an image that shows the letters in priority order by size. What a great idea!

A-C-T-S - Priority

“I think [A.C.T.S] is a helpful acrostic for remembering both the elements and the priorities of prayer. Unfortunately, we often spell our prayer life something like S.C.A.T., because we start with supplication and spend very little time, if any, on adoration, confession, and thanksgiving.”

The complete blog post is available here. The post is an excerpt taken from R.C. Sproul’s book, “The Prayer of the Lord”.

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